A Year of Cinema, Week 12

Now posted on YouTube, an audiovisual consideration of the struggle between being and becoming in John Frankenheimer’s 1966 horror fable, Seconds. My essay references Saint Thomas à Kempis, Henri Bergson, Wyndham Lewis, Hugh Kenner and (((Caitlyn))) Jenner. (Yikes!)

tldr; Those who embrace flux as a governing principle attempt to build on a foundation of quicksand.

The A Year of Cinema: My 52 Favourite Films master list has been updated accordingly. As has the YouTube playlist.

#2Kevins, Lucky Episode 13

The 13th iteration of my podcast with Kevin Steel is now posted. It features Paris: Empty Words and Empty Gestures; Ma Valise mal à l’aise: Installment 2 (51:44); A Year of Cinema, Week 12: Seconds: John Frankenheimer’s 1966 fable of being versus becoming (61:45) and 1968 Redux, Mizzou and Yale: American colleges embrace the stupid (72:55).

#2Kevins, Episode 12

The 12th iteration of my podcast with Kevin Steel is now posted. It features Donald Trump vs the Shitlibs; Sia, A Star For Our Time (32:26); Ma valise mal à l’aise: the first installment of a new feature by Kevin Steel (45:14); A Year of Cinema, Week 11: After Hours by Martin Scorsese (55:24); and James Bond vs Star Wars: Archetypes, Myths and Religions (64:34).

KMG on VDare: Coulter Right, Solomon Wrong

Evan Solomon, National NewsWatch and HuffPo are all agog over my VDare article. They got the facts wrong and failed to observe professional courtesy and Internet convention. Why am I not surprised?

[Ann] Coulter told Solomon (discussion begins at 19:00) that the victory of Justin Trudeau’s Liberals “would not have happened without immigration.” Solomon was gobsmacked and demanded to know where she had got this preposterous notion. Ann replied, “I read an article.” Solomon immediately set her straight with the following “fact”: “For the last 10 years, it’s been the Conservatives who won the immigrants’ votes.” He then gave credit to Jason “Call Me Bwana” Kenney for this alleged development. [More]

KMG On VDare: Bad Math Is Killing The Conservatives

I have a long and ruminative piece now up at VDare.com on Stephen Harper’s election loss. Tl;dr: Failure is almost guaranteed when you import millions of voters who will never vote for you:

Let’s assume a tipping point of 20%.

• There were 133 ITP ridings in 2015, 39.3% of the total.
• The Conservatives won only 20 ITP ridings
• The Conservatives won 29.3% of all ridings but only 15% of ITP ridings—half as many
• 12 of the 20 ITP ridings won by the Conservatives were in the prairie province of Alberta—“yellow dog” territory for them
• So, in Canada outside Alberta, the Conservatives won just 2.6% of ITP ridings

The writing was on the wall for the Conservatives in 2011, but there are none so blind as those who will not see. According to Ipsos Reid exit polling, visible minorities that year voted 38% NDP, 31% Conservative, 23% Liberal and 8% other parties. So even after their “breakthrough,” the Conservatives could expect that new vizmin voters would vote against them by a margin of more than 2 to 1.

In response, the Conservative brains trust—Harper and his vizmin capo, Minister of Defence and Multiculturalism Jason “Call Me Bwana” Kenney—decided, in the time-honored way of the innumerate, that they would lose on every sale but make it up on volume. More

2Kevins, Episode 10

Kevin Steel has just posted Episode 10 of our 2Kevins With Grace & Steel podcast. This week we consider Michel Houellebecq’s withering satire of triumphant Islam, Submission, cast a cold eye on the “destigmatizing” of mental illness and say farewell to the 2015 Toronto Blue Jays.

And this week in A Year of Cinema, Fred Zinnemann takes us to London, Vienna, Genoa, Rome, Nice and Paris in The Day of the Jackal.